Existing Solution

Need to improve performance?

We will work with you to identify the best user-centred methods and principles to evaluate your existing website or application and make clear recommendations for developing an optimal solution.

We can apply a range of user-centred methods and techniques to provide actionable advice. We can understand how your website or application is currently used and perceived by its users. While surveys and interviews provide in-depth user feedback on both positive and negative user experiences, usability testing can identify specific issues. Where it isn't appropriate to get users involved we can use expert-based methods such as heuristic evaluation and cognitive walkthrough to conduct an evaluation of your website or application, and make specific recommendations.

We will guide you through the myriad of methods and techniques available, and produce a tailored package suited to your needs and budget. Through the evaluation of your existing solution, we will provide you with clear, actionable recommendations on how to optimise both usability and user experience. Please do get in touch, we'd be delighted to chat.