Design and build

Looking for a complete service?

Working with our sister company - The Unified Theory, we have the skills and experience to provide an end-to-end user-centred design service.

To build solid, user-centred foundations for your project, we will use selected methods and techniques to understand your users. For example, we might work with you to develop personas of your target users, and use focus groups to gain an in-depth understanding of their wants and needs. Once we have this foundation, we can use it to work with the UX designers and developers at The Unified Theory to create an innovative and delightful digital experience which maximises your success and sets you apart from competitors.

As each client is different, we will work directly with you to develop a tailored package to suit your individual needs and budget, identifying the most appropriate methods and techniques. If this is for you, or you'd like to know more, then please do get in touch.